What are the software requirements?

Our Expression Web templates are compatible with Microsoft™ Expression Web 4. Earlier versions of Expression Web do not display the page design accurately when in Design View.

Our Expression Web templates also work perfectly in Adobe™ Dreamweaver CS4 and higher. Expression Web does add vti_cfn and vti_pvt files; however, Dreamweaver ignores them. Their presence or absence does not affect the web at all. You can delete them or we can remove these extra bits for you on request.

Our HTML generic templates can be used in a variety of modern web editors.

What about the images used in the templates?

Your template may contain watermarked images or photos provided by third-party providers. We have obtained permission to incorporate these images within the template as a sample of what your site might look like. If you wish to use these same images for your web site, you are required to purchase the non-watermarked version directly from the vendor. We can also assist you with image licensing.

Any rules for using the free template?

Yes, there are a few rules, but not too many.

  • You must leave our credit link in place at the bottom of every page. If you don't want anyone to know you are using a free template, you need to contact us about buying a license.
  • The free template is limited to one per person. You can use it on one site only. If you want to use it more than once, you need to buy a license.
  • If there is a problem with one of the digital download products or if you experience any difficulty with its download, we will fix the problem.
Can I change the template's colors, etc.?

Each template is different. While font colors can be easily changed by editing the CSS file, other color areas may be images, especially in older templates. We recommend you read through the "live preview" for specific details.

You can add additional pages, delete pages you do not need, and even rename pages to be better suited to your site. We have tutorials on our Help Center covering these topics.

Can I modify the template?

Yes, of course. You can change the colors, add your own photos and graphics, add new pages, delete pages you do not need, and rename pages to better suit your site needs.

What are "Responsive" templates?

"Responsive" refers to templates that can adapt their size depending on whether you are viewing the site on a mobile phone, a tablet like the iPad or Kindle Fire, a laptop, or a desktop computer. A visitor to your site who is using a small device, like a cell phone or a tablet, will see the site differently but can still access most, if not all, of your site's information. While a template can cover most instances where items should expand and contract, you may have a specific image or element that requires a bit of extra help. Just let us know and we can walk you though how to adapt it for your needs.

What if I need more help?

No problem. Just send us an email and we will take it from there. Sometimes an email will do, but if you need more in-depth help, we can arrange for that, too. Please note, however, that we are limited in the amount of support we can offer for a free template.