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  • divorce | custody | support 

    Updated: 05.22.16

    divorceWe offer a sliding fee scale for low income clients.  Ask about our reasonable rates and our reduced rates for qualified individuals.  We can often help with the financial burden.

    Family law issues can be very stressfull on all parties involved, and expecially difficult for any children involved.   You need an attorney sensitive to those needs and who will protect your interests with dedicated representation.  We will look out for those needs. 

    Divorce and separation often carries with it financial difficulties.  Support orders are critical to maintaining a household, and obtaining temporary orders for support and/or custody at the beginning is often a critical first step.  It is important not to hesitate contacting an attorney to protect your financial interests.  We can provide you with that protection.

  • civil rights | police misconduct | free speech | due process 

    Updated: 05.22.16

    Police Misconduct.  A false arrest, excessive force, whatever the reason, being arrested is a serious situation and a traumatic event, especially if the arrest was not lawful.

    Arrests and/or civil penalties by a government agency or employee can be unlawful if a motivating factor in the adverse action was in retaliation for the exercise of protected speech.   

    It is not always clear what "protected speech" is, and an attorney well versed in civil rights law is critical in such cases.  We provide that expertise.


Our Vision

To provide high quality legal service for everyone, and to work with clients to provide fexible fee arrangements so no one is denied legal representation.       

Our Mission

To make your experience with the legal system as positive and painless as it can be, in spite of the difficulties and stresses it may carry.

Our Projects

Currently, in one of Attorney Sweeney's major cases he is representing 2 plaintiffs in a civil rights case against 9 defendants (state employees).